Thursday, August 20, 2015

Boat Life: Three Things to Know When Hosting a Party at Sea

One of the best places to be during the summer months is on a boat. Salty air blowing through your hair, keeping cool with splashes of water reaching your arms and legs, with a nice cold beverage in your hand. There's nothing better! Have a boat be an exciting venue for your next event. From choosing the right vessel to getting guests on board on time, here are insider tips to remember when planning a party on the water.

Get a complete cost estimate
When evaluating venues in the planning process, make sure to factor in all costs. Other than the rental cost, some additional costs may include fuel, docking fees, and service charges that might not be readily visible when considering costing.  Also having a firm handle on the guest count as early as possible is essential when working with the rental price. Knowing number of attendees will help you to select the right size boat for the party.

Choose vendors with experience on boats
Boats usually have a very tight turn for load in and décor, and you must make sure you have vendors with this type of experience. Sometimes boats that rent for parties will have a list of vendors they suggest you use. Be sure you can set your guest’s expectations for what you can deliver regarding food and beverage and décor or entertainment. Also,  check with the boat operator for any catering restrictions.

Remember boat-specific amenities
It’s all about the little touches, just like with any other event. Have fun pillows and throw blankets in case people get cold outdoors while the yacht is under way. They'll appreciate your thoughtfulness. Allow for interior space to be comfortable in case there is inclement weather outdoors. To ease any fears over seasickness, offer ginger candy to guests before sailing.

For additional tips check out 7 Things to Know About Events on Boats. Sail away and devour the details of your next boat party!


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