Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Mashups: Fairytales and Cocktails

So this mashup works for weddings, parties, and even maybe events surrounding a fairytale movie premier or Disney related feature. We've got some out-there ideas for d├ęcor and even more fantastical drink ideas! Join us in channeling your inner child with this Monday Mashup!

Remember, it's all about the little touches (and maybe some grand jesters too). We love the idea of incorporating a little Cinderella story with this pumpkin carriage centerpiece!

Place these Fairytale Dreams Centerpieces on your tables and watch your fairytale event unfold. Each metal Fairytale Dreams Centerpiece is 9 inches high x 6 inches wide x 10 inches long. Candle is sold separately.

Or bring that fairytale to life with actual horse-drawn carriage rides for guests.

Like a fairytale x

Think like Belle with these Beauty and the Beast inspired cloche jars for a beautiful tablescape!

we ❤ this!  #belljarcenterpiece #clochecenterpiece #weddingcenterpiece

We've all asked the mirror at one time or another who the fairest of them all is. Get your guests to do the same with this awesome magical vine wall.

This vine-covered interior wall is beautiful and indoor plants are healthy - but how can this be done, to get them to grow so lush and even without natural sunlight?

How perfect is this? Bring a room to life with this amazing fairytale backdrop!

I can imagine this with a fairytale event....

On to the beverages. Here are five fun favorites everyone will love!

Cruella Deville, you shouldn't have!

Where's Alice?

If you're a mermaid, I'm a mermaid.

Maybe one of these will make you a little less Grumpy!

This will warm you up when you're feeling the colors of the wind.

We hope these ideas make you relive some of your younger years and want to devour the details of this Fairytales and Cocktails Monday Mashup! If there's a mashup you'd like to see, leave it in our comments and we'll work on it!

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