Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wedding Wednesdays: Bachelorette Moms

It is becoming more and more common for Moms to tag along to their daughter's bachelorette party--and we love it! These wise women know how to have a good time and where to allocate funds to make it the most memorable final fling before the ring. Traveling to a resort cities, like Miami, with a handful of girlfriends for a pre-wedding weekend of debauchery with drinking, pricey dinners, high-end hotels and male strip clubs is the norm these days for a bachelorette party. And now along with that you will find that Mom joins in and secures the V.I.P table at your favorite club to celebrate.

Sociology professor at Penn State, Abington, Beth Montemurro believes that things started to change at the turn of the century for bachelorettes. In the mid-, late 1990s, bachelorette parties were relatively new, in fact the first bachelorette party guide Professor Montemurro found in her research was published in 1998. “A 2003 survey sponsored by Bride’s magazine noted that 94 percent of brides planned to have bachelorette parties,” Montemurro said. She found that while there was little industry to support bachelorette parties in the 20th century, in the 21st century, clubs started offering packages catering to these celebrations.

Today, having Mom attend the bachelorette party is considered a given for some. These pre-wedding mother-daughter events are very bonding experiences amongst women. It makes total sense that a mom would want to be part of it.The growing popularity of the bachelorette party is part of the expansion of wedding celebrations. The moment of “I do” has morphed into a multiplatform calendar filler, with the engagement party, bridal party, rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch. So if Mom wants to be there, why not let her?!

Professor Motemurro believes that weddings have become a dominant part of popular culture and a prized public spectacle. Though in the time our Moms were getting married this wasn't true. Therefore, Moms want to share in the spotlight and live vicariously through these multiple celebrations--including the bachelorette party! If this is something you're comfortable with, definitely invite Mom along to devour the details of your debauchery-filled weekend!

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