Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fine-Tune Your Marketing Strategy with Fitness

A number of brands have taken to the health and fitness trend by promoting themselves with events that get guests moving. It is evident that working out has become a social vehicle for "FitGen" - the "fitness generation" we are seeing more and more of. Groups of stylish twenty-something year-olds working out together as a social activity. Capitalize on this generation but marketing your brand, like Reebok and Tough Mudder have, to fit their lifestyle needs.

To reach this generation and target audience, Reebok has enlisted the help of Wellthily, a wellness-minded company that organizes pop-up events and fitness services for high-end boutique hotels and clients such as Under Armour, Lifeway, and Estée Lauder. In addition to events, the company also supplies travel kits and on-demand workouts, as well as information on healthy restaurant options for visiting hotel guests. A genius idea and a vendor event planners may want to work with even for client meetings.

In February, Reebok worked with the company to organize an early morning yoga class for Axis trade show attendees on the Refinery Hotel rooftop in New York. And, in August the brand will be coordinating with Wellthily again on a three-day event that will include dance cardio, a boot camp workout, and yoga at Gurney’s Resort in Montauk. These offerings will fulfill the lifestyle needs of attendees and therefore can create a great turnout.

For those city dwellers who were looking for a more rugged experience (outside of yoga and zumba), Tough Mudder recently debuted Urban Mudder—a five-mile obstacle course and all-day festival with food trucks and entertainment, which took place July 25 on Randall’s Island in New York. Now this is one that I think I could actually participate in! From custom-built, branded obstacles to on-site activations with giveaways and raffles, Urban Mudder sponsorships included a beer garden by Shock Top, a warm-up session sponsored by Cellucor, obstacles branded by Radisson and Oberto, and transportation deals provided by Uber.

It's clear that Tough Mudder works with their sponsors individually to create unique ways for their brands to engage with participants and spectators and have an exciting on-site presence. And while there are no specific plans to expand Urban Mudder to other cities, they are always exploring options to bring life-changing experiences to new markets and people, and they’re looking forward to future opportunities as they continue to see demand grow. I volunteered at a Tough Mudder last summer and it was a great experience. They have a great following and work with their sponsors to create the best experience possible for participants. I can't wait to see what they do with the Urban Mudder!

So take it from these marketing experts and pair up with an organization or vendor to create that overall experience for the FitGen-ers and devour the details of your next event!

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