Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Copperdome Crust: Mobile Pizzeria

At the Topsfield Fair last night, I was totally impressed with this one caterer in particular. I was craving some good pizza, an odd thing to want at the Topsfield Fair, but when I stumbled upon Copperdome Crust, I knew it was meant to be. I mean come on, they were literally tossing the pizza dough in their tent. I approached to see what was up and realized they are a mobile catering pizza company with a copper oven on a trailer that they bring and use to cook these pies to perfection!


This is the type of catering you want at your next event. Their unique copper dome oven sits on a trailer that's reminiscent of a horse drawn carriage. It's equipped with a hand washing sink with warm and cold water, as well as a waste water tank. It houses storage compartments to carry plenty of aged hardwood, the pizza tools, and detachable chimney. The oven comfortably holds 4-5 medium pizzas at once in addition to the cooking fire. Last night, they were selling a quarter of their cheese pizzas slices for $5 each. I couldn't resist.


The oven is entirely wood fueled and is preheated to approximately 750 degrees before an event. Once their prep and cooking stations are set up, you can watch their chefs create an assortment of delicious wood fired pies! With wood as its only fuel, the ovens efficiency at reaching and maintaining temperatures over 800 degrees is quick and consistent--a pizza will cook perfectly in only two minutes. And we mean perfectly! Their staff was super friendly and accommodating. The woman who served me even cut my quarter slice in half so it was easier to eat.


Copperdome Crust offers a variety of catering packages and have great menu items to choose from. They use the finest imported and locally sourced ingredients to make their pizza including plum tomatoes, whole milk shredded mozzarella, aged Romano and quality extra virgin olive oil. They cook the pizza just enough so it develops a crisp rustic crust while staying light and airy on the inside. They truly do bring the pizzeria to you! Check out Copperdome Crust today and book them for your next event! We promise you'll want to devour the details of their perfect pies every day!

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