Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wedding Wednesdays: Show Your Groom Some Love

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today we're showing all the grooms out there some extra love. What's considered one of the best ways to a man's heart? Through their stomachs of course! And on your big day, what would be more appropriate than getting them their own cake? Check out our five favorite grooms' cakes we highly recommend surprising your man with!

A beer cooler groom's cake

Beer cooler groom's cake

I mean, come one, how cool is this one? And the fact that you can use actual beers as props? We love it and he will too!

A gambler groom's cake

Groom's cake of bride and groom in Dogs Playing Poker scene

For richer or poorer, right? If your soon-to-be hubby is a poker enthusiast, this is the cake for him! We also love the idea of incorporating your pets into this one as a take on the famous C.M. Coolidge painting.

A music lover groom's cake

Old fashioned record player groom's cake

This old-fashioned record player replica totally stands out. Pick your man's favorite song and have that as the design on the record. It will be a chart topper amongst your guests!

A pianist groom's cake

Grooms cake shaped like a grand piano

How elaborate. We love the details with this cake. What would be even better is to have your groom play a tune before cutting into this masterpiece!

A Gameboy groom's cake

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Does your husband reminisce on the days where he stayed up all night playing Super Nintendo? Is he still a 'Gameboy'? Bring out his inner-child with this fun Mario World inspired cake!

Let your creativity devour the details of a cake design that will show your groom some love on your big day!

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