Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Mashups: Scary but Pretty

In honor of Halloween being three weeks away, we thought it was only necessary to start putting together some of our horrifyingly awesome posts! This one was actually inspired by the 'Scream Queens' premiere party. The show has a scary plot but with funny and elegant twists. So it only made sense that their premiere party centerpieces would be bloody butcher knives in a bouquet of pretty pastel flowers.

'Scream Queens' Premiere

It does the trick, right? Well here are a few more that we think might subtly scare your guests but are still pretty pieces to have during any Halloween activities this year. Let us know your favorites in the comment section below.

These creepy crawlers are hard to see at first but when you get closer you won't be happy. You won't want to wake up and smell these roses!

A bunch of white roses crawling with critters makes a pretty (and) disturbing centerpiece:

This wire tree candle holder total gives us the creeps. It almost looks like it's moving!

Start by cutting around 50 lengths of wire, and begin wrapping the edges of a few pieces of wire around the base of a candle to form a spiral that will hold the candle in place. Make as many spirals as you like depending on how many candles you would like your tree to hold. Twist the remaining pieces of wire together to form tree branches, and then wrap all the wires together to form your tree trunk leaving around three or four inches at the end to make the tree roots.:

We're spooked by this skull full of flowers. At night time this would totally freak us out!

Name:  68391_244651692328634_1265817311_n.jpg Views: 71 Size:  99.9 KB:

Dark and gloomy is an understatement. We love the simplicity of using the raven in this piece. We've totally got the chills!

DIY Halloween Centerpiece - This dark and gloomy centerpiece is sure to attract the attention of your ghastly guests. A styrofoam ball is mounted atop a painted candle stick. Faux flowers are pushed into the ball, and a raven is perched upon it. Fantastic!:

Clear wine bottles as candle holders give a ghastly glow. The way the wax melts onto the bottles reminds us of a witch's lair.

Elegant halloween - clear glass wine bottles of varying heights with candles as a long centerpiece:

Get creative and devour the details of our Monday Mashup--scary but pretty Halloween inspired centerpieces! You'll have your guests totally spooked and asking how you came up with these awesome ideas!

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