Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mark Your Calendars

There are some important dates to keep in mind this October. First of all, we should recognize the month as a whole. Awareness for Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence charitable organizations is heightened during this time as October has been dubbed their specific awareness month. You're asked to wear pink in support of Breast Cancer awareness and purple in support of Domestic Violence awareness for the whole month. Also, we encourage you to get on social media and take a stand for both of these causes! These issues effect more people than you think.

If you didn't already know (like me), October 12th is National Kick Butt Day (and also Columbus Day). Not considered a true holiday of course, but we recognize the empowerment behind it. Have you brainstorming new ideas with your team? Present them to your boss on the 12th. You'll really kick the world’s butt that day.

October 16th is home to National Boss's Day. Show your appreciation for that person you interact with everyday. Just tell them you're giving them the day off and maybe you'll get one too!

Celebrate my favorite person's birthday on the 25th! It is Chris's golden birthday in which he will be 25 on the 25th. A very special birthday this year; wish him a happy birthday in the comments section!

Another birthday to celebrate is that of Hillary Clinton. I'm not in to politics but I am in to emojis and now Hillary, like the Pope, has some! Share the birthday wishes on the 26th by downloading Text With Hill and tweet to her.

Lastly, be a kid again and celebrate the spookiest day of the year on October 31st. That's right, Halloween falls on a Saturday this year making it a prime time to get dressed up and eat too much candy. We are very excited about our costumes this year and you should be too!

So mark your calendars with these devour the detail-worthy dates in October and don't forget to support Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness by wearing pink and purple all month long!

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