Monday, November 30, 2015

Get Acquainted with These 5 New Winter Party Trends

Each season brings about new trends in the event industry. We love seeing the changes and evolving ideas. It is awesome to see what vintage décor makes a comeback and what new designs steal the show. Here are five winter party trends we suggest you get acquainted with!

Pre-Styled Entertaining

<p> Based in Chicago, <a href="">Elliewood</a> has pre-styled entertaining collections called “Party in a Box” or “Party Packs.” The boxes contain disposable...

Based in Chicago, Elliewood has pre-styled entertaining collections called “Party in a Box” or “Party Packs". The boxes contain disposable items like paper place mats, tablecloths, plates, napkins, and utensils. These fun-packed boxes also contain favors such as confetti and poppers. Orderable online, the stylish collections have themes such as “Fete,” which is suited for office birthday celebrations, and are sold in settings of eight to 16. Guests can also place orders for smaller events à la carte. We love this idea--making tablescapes easy and not as time-consuming!

Fairy Tale-Inspired

Pulling at our heart strings and making us feel like a kid again, fairy tale-inspired events will be big this winter. With the resurgence of fairy tale films and additions to the Disney family, the theme is ripe for adaptation by the event world. We are definitely hoping for some over the top events but ones that steer clear of being too childish. When you wish upon a star...

Korean Barbecue

When it comes to catering Korean barbecue is becoming wildly popular. It’s not heavy like Chinese or time-consuming like sushi. Sizzling bulgogi meats look and smell great when sizzling on a food station. People are going crazy for contemporary Korean fusion food items like kimchi tacos. Take the idea a little further by having these delicious bites served from a food truck!

Metallics Forever

Metallics will continue to be important accents, though rose gold and copper will still be pushing their way to the forefront to try to get attention in the winter months. Silver used to be the go-to choice, but gold is becoming more popular. We can't wait to see what designers do with these accents and pops of color at the many upcoming celebrations, especially New Years!

Living Décor and Interactive Surprises

There is a great interest in live, surprise entertainment. That doesn't necessarily mean celebrity entertainment; it could mean the right musician, the right magician, the right guerilla performance artist—interactive surprises that become living décor. For instance, the actor dressed as a crash dummy for this automobile presentation pictured above is a great way to interact with guests!

Take on the chilly months with a fresh perspective of winter trends and devour the details of your next event!

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