Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wedding Wednesdays: Five Fun Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas

Once the question has been popped, the fun can begin! Starting with engagement photos of course. There are so many different styles and creative ways to display your love, it may be hard to narrow down a specific idea. Find some favorite things you have in common and roll with it. The magic will happen as the shoot takes place. Check out these five fun engagement photos that will have you inspired!

A Whimsical Disneyland Photo Shoot

Disneyland Teacups Engagement Photo Session

Where the magic happens for sure! Feel like a princess having all her dreams come true in a whimsical shoot just like this. Maybe some characters will even make an appearance!

A Romantic Fire Station Photo Shoot

Firefighter and Fiance Engagement Photo Session

Is your love on fire? Rocking the gear really makes for a fun photo opp. Kudos to couples in this profession.

A Star Wars Themed Photo Shoot

Star Wars Light saber Engagement Photo Session

The lightsabers are a nice touch! May the force be with the fun-loving couples taking on this battle.

A Dia de los Muertos Photo Shoot

Day of the Dead Engagement Photo Session

We love how spooky but fun this shoot is! It also incorporates the Day of the Dead tradition that many may not be familiar with. This photo really comes to life (pun intended)!

A Walking Dead Photo Shoot

Walking Dead Zombie Engagement Photo Session

The zombies are on your tail in this ghoulish scene. But this is a no-brainer (another pun intended) for anyone who is a fan of the Walking Dead. It would be even more fun if the cast you get involved features your closest friends and family members!

We hope you get inspired by these devour the detail worthy photo shoots and find a creative way to display your love during your engagement!

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