Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tasting Room by Lot 18

As the wine connoisseur in all of us grows, so does the desire to purchase the right kind for you. From your favorite blends to your favorite grape, being a wine snob is highly acceptable. And when the liquor stores nearest to you don't always carry the best selections, there is a place to turn to--Tasting Room. Tasting Room, the fastest growing wine club in the nation, is changing how wine is sold. Their new technology has penetrated the wine industry and we are thrilled to try it out!

Tasting Room’s wine recommendation technology makes informed wine selections for you (based on your preferences), and ships tailored bottles right to your door—bottles that come with a guarantee that you’ll enjoy them. How amazing does that sound? Here's how it works: join Tasting Room, and a few days later you’ll receive a tasting kit. Inside you’ll find six wines in high-tech, freshness-preserving mini bottles. When you’re ready to start the tasting, come back to the site, log in and take three easy steps.

Step 1: Taste. Over a fun 10 – 15 minutes, you’ll taste the wines in pairs. Just follow the prompts on your screen and click on the wines you prefer - no wine expertise required. Remember, it’s possible you won’t like a particular wine and that’s totally okay! The entire point of the tasting is to help them learn as much about your personal tastes as possible.

Step 2: Learn. When you’re done tasting, they’ll generate your Wine Profile. This will tell you all about the types of wine you like, what regions they come from, what foods they pair with and more. They’ll even give you tips on ordering wine in a restaurant. We could all use those!

Step 3: Enjoy. You taste and they listen! Immediately after you rate your wines, they’ll send you a shipment of wine in regular-size bottles. Tasting Room only sends you wines that match your profile, so long as you've rated your kit. Every wine is evaluated by their team of experts, who work closely with some of the world’s best wineries to bring you the best possible quality and value.

They've truly figured it out and we couldn't be more impressed. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better. Every bottle comes with a satisfaction guarantee, so if you ever receive a wine that doesn’t match your taste preferences, Tasting Room will replace it or issue you a wine credit to purchase another bottle from the extensive and tasty collection on the site. It’s well worth it to join, at just under $10, cheaper than most gym memberships, and you can cancel at anytime. We love it!

Check out Tasting Room today and devour the details of your soon-to-be favorite wines.

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