Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Mashups: Party to Pay It Forward

It’s important to remember what this time of year is really about. To us, the holidays mark a time when we feel inspired to give back, spread kindness and pay it forward, even in the smallest ways. So as you begin to plan your parties and winter celebrations, take a minute to think of how you can use these events as a platform to contribute and give back in some way.

Paying it forward truly has a powerful domino effect. Do you notice how when you lend a helping hand, it changes the tone of your whole day? Kindness is contagious, and can positively affect so many of those around you. Get others on board and this can be something that is done every year to bring extra holiday cheer to those in need.
Support Companies That Spread Cheer

KIND Bars // Snacks with a Pay-It-Forward Message

KIND is a brand that is all about giving back. They believe that kindness is one of the rare forces in nature that leaves both the person doing the kind act and the person receiving it happier afterwards. So, they’ve made it their mission to spread kindness with their #kindawesome campaign, a program that celebrates kind acts everywhere. Participating in #kindawesome is pretty easy: You simply spot someone being kind, then send them a #kindawesome card (which can be redeemed for any KIND snack), and then encourage that person to pass it on. It’s like paying it forward but in the best way because snacks are involved.

Getting involved in #kindawesome is easy, just go to, type in your email address, then check your email for your first #kindawesome card. After that, it’s up to you to start spotting acts of kindness and spreading the love. This is something that can be promoted to your party guests, to take home with them, and watch the chain reaction ensue. We love this idea and can't wait to sign up!
Find a Cause You Care About

Toys For Tots

The holidays are an especially great time to find an important cause that hits home for you. Whether that means having each party guest bring a toy for Toys for Tots, canned goods for a local shelter or gently used clothes and home goods for a great charity—you will find that participating in a cause you care about, instead of receiving gifts for yourself, will fulfill and enrich your life. We know participating in any of these activities can create a life-changing experience for someone in need.

Think of all those who could use a little extra holiday cheer and make sure you do your part to contribute even if it is volunteering your time to read to the elderly, something that doesn't require a monetary donation. It’s also important to find something you want to continue doing during the holidays and beyond. Getting active in your community during the holiday season is wonderful, but continuing to give back the entire year is even better.

Spread the love this holiday season and pay it forward in the best ways possible by devouring the details of your upcoming parties!

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