Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Mashups: When Wine Meets Candles

Over the weekend, my mom attended a crafts fair in Boston. She goes every year to support local artists and small business owners. This year she brought me back a number of brochures and business cards to share with my readers! Today, I would like to start with two crafters whose products feature two of my favorite things--wine and candles!

Let's start with Vindles--who's tagline states "Where the wax flows like wine". Vindles transforms wine bottles into premium scented candles. They utilize the entire wine bottle in their product, making each wine bottle candle unique. How creative!

Vindles was founded in 2012, and just like a bottle of wine, Vindles is getting better with age. Vindles started out as an innovative idea to reinvent the standard candle. Crafted to resemble an unaltered wine bottle, their product provides you with the same sense of anticipation and curiosity that you get from opening a new bottle of wine. However, once opened you begin to discover all the unique and unexpected aspects of a Vindle. Meant to be a focal point in any room, a Vindle will always spark conversations amongst family and friends just like a good bottle of wine.

Just in time for the holidays, order your Vindles today!

Now on to Word Couture, personalized wine bottle hurricane lanterns. At Word Couture, they recycle beautiful wine bottles from neighborhood restaurants and local wineries, which would otherwise be discarded. They take these bottles, remove the bottoms, sand the edges and apply a vinyl monogram, letter or saying of your choice. Each bottle is hand cut, polished and is one of a kind. Each lantern includes a battery operated flameless candle to place underneath your lantern. And as you will see, when illuminated at night, they are absolutely gorgeous.

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The Word Couture personalized wine bottle hurricane lanterns are ideal for all your entertaining or gift giving needs! During the design process, you can choose the bottle color and size, vinyl color and personalization desired; also making them a great alternative for centerpieces at weddings and events. Our favorite design? Their sports logos! They make for an elegant touch as d├ęcor in the home. Love them!

Purchase your personalized wine bottle hurricane lantern through Word Couture today!

We hope you love the creativity of these small businesses and choose to support them in devouring the details of this beautiful mashup between wine and candles! We know we will!

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