Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Mashups: Social-Powered Photo Printers

Need something new and fresh at your events? We've got an idea for you! Along the lines of photobooths, which now-a-days are a huge hit amongst attendees, upgrade the picture-taking experience with customizable photo printing services. Developing interesting ways for brands to stand out and connect with their fans in a digitized and mobilized world, tech company Fotofwd motivates event guests to post on social media by providing on-site photo and print options.


The first on-site printing device for venues, festivals, trade shows, and more, Fotofwd collects guests' photos across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and allows attendees to scroll, select, and print their favorite moments. The Fotofwd team provides setup and operation services with an attendant on site, plus the unit’s faceplate can be customized to fit the event. What a neat way to turn social media tangible right in front of your eyes!

Fotofwd is great for event engagement. They not only keep attendees engaged and delighted, but they also cultivate and curate content that extends moments into movement by inspiring audiences to participate and share, all while measuring success behind the scenes. Essentially they partner with you to provide custom technology that integrates seamlessly with your social and experiential strategies, offering full production capabilities and powerful backend campaign management and data analytics.

Best part? You can custom design the look of your Fotofwd device. Their unique user interface is perfect for event branding, artist branding, QR Codes, Sponsor Ads and Hashtags. While the photo is being printed, you have the option to play a custom 30 second video message to your attendees. If you choose the crowd shot feature, their photographer captures your event and photos load instantly onto Fotofwd devices for printing. You can get a digital copy of every photo taken using the Fotofwd proprietary software and secure network. Attendees receive free branded photos with pre-approved ads and custom actions to unlock perks and privileges. Each Activation is custom designed to infuse a brand’s unique spirit through every sight, sound, and interaction in a real-world environment.

Based out of New York, this company is having huge success and we only see positive things for them in the future. Pricing for their event services is available upon request because they really want to cater to your needs and customize the right experience for you. Check out Fotofwd and devour the details of your next event!

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