Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Mashups: Top Five DIY Festivus Photo Backdrops

T-minus ten days until the Christmas celebration hits! Get creative with some last minute DIY photo backdrops made with household items or some inexpensive items you can easily pick up for the ultimate Monday Mashup. Photo ops are always fun at family or friend gatherings (especially if ugly sweaters are involved)! Capture your favorite moments with our top five DIY Festivus photo backdrops.

Giant Snowflakes

huge paper snowflakes as a backdrop. finally a use for the large format paper recycling bin scraps at work! :)

These may look complicated but they're actually vey easy to make. And all you will need is some paper and scissors. Snowflake templates are available here and a number of other websites. We thinking taping some to the wall and hanging some from the ceiling make for a great 'walking in a winter wonderland' moment!

Gold Tree Cutouts

Free Family Photo Event (for the holidays!) - backdrop for photo idea (use hudson's white tree's from church):

We love the fun effect these give photos! We also love the use of metallics, as we've already mentioned how popular they will be this holiday season. In order to DIY, we suggest using cardboard to create the tree and then gluing gold wrapping paper to the shape. With the excess cardboard, create a stand on the back of the cutout to prop the trees up. Your friends and family will love these and you can save them as d├ęcor for years to come!

Chalk It Up

made the backdrop using a queen sheet and puffy paint! (chalkboard look...draped with Christmas garlands):

This idea is fabulous and so easy to do! Just hang some black chalk paper and draw on your favorite winter scene. You can also leave this open to guests to create their picture perfect backdrop by replacing the black chalk paper for each photo. A fun and festive way to celebrate! We can't wait to try this out ourselves!

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The wall of gifts for the Winter 2011 Anthology mag cover would actually make a great photobooth backdrop for a holiday party...or a birthday party, depending on the gift wrap selections.:

Stack them up for the perfect backdrop; these gifts make for a super creative photo op and one that your guests will surely love! Just be sure to build them flat against a wall so they don't get knocked over. You can even wrap the gifts with colors that match the theme of your party for an extra special touch!

When Santa Claus Comes to Town

A Few Last Minute Gifts - Lesley W Graham:

If you're planning to have a visitor from the North Pole, we recommend this fun setup. Looking closely you will see newspaper articles about the jolly man delivering toys to children around the world pasted to the backdrop. Also the use of the pine tree branches and the red light-up letters incorporate the Christmas signature colors for a true display of holiday spirit. And don't forget to have a comfy couch for Santa!

Get your glue-guns and loose glitter ready to conquer these top five DIY Festivus photo backdrops and devour the details of your holiday party!

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