Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wedding Wednesdays: Hottest Trends for the Coldest Weddings

We love winter weddings! Especially when there's snow. The scenery makes for a fairytale-esque backdrop and gives you the perfect excuse for a cozy wedding! For those cold weather dates, here are some hot trends that will warm-up your big day.

Cake Trend: All White Cake with Gold Accents

Winter wedding cake trends

White wedding cakes with clean lines and minimalistic designs are elevated with glamorous gold embellishments like these--a foil applique or hand-painted metallic color. A styled cake stand and gorgeous presentation is also a must for this display!

Bridesmaid Trends: Bead and Sequin Embellishments

Winter wedding bridesmaid dress trends

These subtle sparkles are our favorite especially if you're doing mismatched dresses--the embellishments will bring them together. You could also skip worrying about jewelry because the bling on the dress is enough.

Reception Trends: Cozy Space Softened with Fabric

Winter wedding reception decor trends

Utilize your reception space. The combination of floor-to-ceiling fabrics can transform a plain venue into a totally cozy, customized atmosphere. We love this look!

Floral Trends: Pastels and Dusty Miller

The combination of pastel pink roses with dusty miller gives the effect of a snow-kissed bouquet. Dusty Miller has a natural silver gray hue, which goes with just about any color combination you can dream up.

Catering Trends: Comfort Foods

heart-shaped grilled cheese! Fresh. Local. Good. Food Group:

Warm-up your guests' stomachs and hearts with this adorable tomato soup shooter and heart-shaped grilled cheese.

Eat up, y'all! These mouthwatering appetizers offer all the flavors of down-home cooking in a bite-sized package.:

Or give them a taste of some soul food with this perfect bite-sized chicken and waffle hors d'oeuvres.

Get inspired and devour the details of your cold-weather wedding with these hot trends!

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