Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Spotify Your Party

Spotify makes us happy on a weekly basis at work. Their endless genres and creative lists of songs keeps us going all day long. But if you're like us and sometimes forget to add that awesome song you just heard to a playlist, their new product may be exactly what you need. Just in time for your holiday soiree, Spotify is unveiling its latest push into event- and activity-based music curation, Spotify Party; music sets for social gatherings crafted by DJs. Spotify Party will initially be available only on iOS and Android apps (not web or desktop apps), and will gradually roll out across all of Spotify’s markets soon.

Although there are apparently already 1.5 billion playlists on Spotify, Spotify Party is only the second of Spotify’s own pushes into the space, after Spotify Running made its debut as part of Spotify’s big app update in May. Just as the idea behind Running is to present you with music that matches your own jogging pace (and motivation to even go for a run in the first place), Spotify Party is based on the idea that there are different moods to different kinds of parties. There are sets for dinner parties, dancing and just winding down.

It is clear a lot of thought went into this program to make it resemble the work of a real life DJ. The playlists on Spotify Party are created to blend songs seamlessly from one to the other. Then the user is literally able to change the tempo and mood of the playlist by way of a “mood tuner” that will gradually change up the pace of songs. There is also a degree of autonomy here: users can also add or mix around the order of songs to their own liking if they feel like playing DJ. Spotify is definitely on to something here.

So as your parties ensue this week, we suggest trying out Spotify Party and sharing your thoughts with us right here! Devour the details of the perfect music experience this holiday season!

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