Thursday, January 14, 2016

Furniture Rentals with Purpose

When smaller venues become a challenge during the planning process--don't sweat it! There are a number of ways to utilize space including your furniture rental options. Look for pieces with a dual purpose or ones that turn into what we consider a form of art! Check out some of these neat ideas that make for a cool appearance in any size-restricted venue.

A Vertical Buffet

A Vertical Buffet

Instead of long buffet tables, stack your orders up with this awesome bookcase buffet. This takes up minimal floor space and lets guests grab their own dishes from various levels of shelves.

A 'Cooler' Table

A Cooler-Slash-Table

This table has a built-in aluminum tray which allows it to chill drinks, perfect for a limited outdoor space. The tray can also hold floral arrangements!

A Table with Risers

A Table With Risers

Similar to the vertical buffet, if you don't have enough space to expand horizontally, it is better to take things up a notch! These table risers add more space to buffet tables by displaying platters and other items at a different visual level creating a range for guests to grab-and-go.

All-in-One Compact Table

All In One Compact Table

From couch to dinner table, this piece does it all. We love how when looking at the couch alone, you may not realize it serves another purpose. Surprise!

Compact Table

Compact Table For A Small Kitchen

One of our favorite pieces. At an event this can totally pass as a cocktail table but when it's time to hit the dance-floor, pack it up and push it to the side to give guests more room to whip and nae nae!

Compact with Stools

Outdoor Compact Drinking Table

Another perfect way to give a seating option but when the floor needs to be utilized, these stools can be folded in to create a stand alone table. We love it!

Stackable Outdoor Furniture

I chose this because I thought it was very interesting how you have the option to put it away to make more room but still you get something unique in your home. Looks like an art piece.

Now here's a piece that can look like a sculpture but breaks down into a comfortable seating arrangement for small outdoor spaces. Awesome for a backyard BBQ turned dance party!

Get creative and devour the details of your next challenging venue space by utilizing these awesome furniture rental options!

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