Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wedding Wednesdays: Our Favorite Engagement Rings throughout History

We just made it through the season of engagements. So if you're one of the lucky few preparing to say 'I do', see how your new bling compares to some of these historically epic rings! From royalty to celebrities, the creativity with cuts and colors vary, allowing for some stunning eye candy that we just need to talk about. Check out these beauties and share your favorite or show us your own! We'd love to see your new addition!

Princess Diana & Kate Middleton: Blue Sapphire With Diamond Halo

Kate Middleton and Princess Diana's engagement ring

A well-known ring. Classically beautiful, just like both women it belongs to.

Jacqueline Kennedy: Emerald and Diamond Ring

Jacqueline Kennedy on her wedding day

We are in awe over this beauty. The way these gems are on display is truly unique; we've never seen anything like it!

Elizabeth Taylor: Giant Emerald-Cut Diamond

Elizabeth Taylor's engagement ring from Mike Todd

This would make our hand feel heavy! What a diamond!

Marilyn Monroe: Baguette Eternity Band

Marilyn Monroe's engagement ring from Joe DiMaggio

This band encompasses everything Marilyn Monroe is deemed to be. From beauty to elegance, the ring has it all.

Jennifer Aniston: Radiant-Cut Diamond and Yellow Gold Band

Jennifer Aniston's engagement ring from Justin Theroux

We love the way this diamond pops on the yellow gold-band. You won't overlook this beauty!

Emmy Rossum: Round Solitaire Diamond

How did I not know Emmy got engaged? Especially when the ring is this stunning! Congrats Emmy!

Alison Brie: Double Diamond Halo

This comedic couple pulls at our heartstrings. And so does this ring! It's our absolute favorite!

Julianne Hough: Oval-Cut Diamond

We nearly fell over when we saw this rock! Julianne definitely pulls it off!

Lady Gaga: Heart-Shaped Diamond

Everyone thought this heart-shaped ring was the most perfect diamond for Gaga when their engagement news broke and we couldn't agree more! So much love for these two!

Katherine Heigl: Teardrop-shaped Diamond

katherine heigl wedding ring

This ring embodies elegance just like the woman who wears it. It's a perfect fit for our favorite 27 Dresses actress!

We hope you rock your ring just like these ladies do! And if you're not engaged yet, don't worry, your significant other has plenty of time to devour the details of a special design for you!

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