Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hand Delivered Hope: Hope Motorcycle Ride for Recovery

Hand Delivered Hope is a non-profit organization founded by a mom of young man, Lynnel Cox, that has struggled with addiction for 8 years. They are a group of motivated and concerned citizens that have been affected by the opioid epidemic and can not ignore the gaps in systems that have created road blocks to those both seeking treatment and living in recovery.

Hand Delivered Hope also provides street outreach to those who have been impacted by such road blocks and subsequently call the streets home. They are constantly delivering basic needs, nutrition and resources alongside encouragement that recovery is possible, education on how to practice harm reduction and most importantly their message of hope, that although it may feel as though the rest of the world has cast shame and doubt upon them, they have not been forgotten.

Hand Delivered Hope works to educate state lawmakers, health care professionals and the general public for the need to continue to advocate for the improved standards of care that are currently affecting the lives of people's loved ones in active addiction, in treatment and in aftercare. They are truly committed to meeting folks where they are at and providing a multifaceted approach to those with a desire to get well to no matter the pathway of recovery they shall choose.

To date Hand Delivered Hope has delivered hope and assistance to over 2,000 people young or old in active addiction, seeking treatment, living in recovery and their families and loved ones. When I was a kid, one of my cheerleading teammates, the goofiest girl on our team that always had everyone laughing, a friend, passed away in a tragic car accident. This impacted so many lives as she was near and dear to everyone's hearts. Her family had a long road ahead of them. Brittany's brother had deep struggles. And though I don't keep in touch with her family as much as I wish I could, social media has kept me aware from a far. Brendon fell victim to addiction and their family was hit with yet another tragedy. This is something you never want to see. But through Brendon's passing, so much can be learned. And that is why we commend Hand Delivered Hope for doing what they do.

One event this organization puts on is the Hope Motorcycle Ride for Recovery. This year it is in memory of my friend's little brother, 17 year old Brendon Scalesse "B Dogg", an aspiring Marine who did not have the chance to live his life and fulfill his dreams. Join this group to support this incredible cause on Sunday, July 24th at the East Bridgewater Commercial Club. On this special day in July, the life and love Brendon shared with his friends and family will be celebrated.

Their hope filled day will begin with a beautiful scenic motorcycle ride at noon followed by a full outdoor BBQ for riders and non-riders of all ages from 2:00 - 6:00PM. There will be live entertainment, kids activity zone, wellness resources, motorcycle vendors and much more. All those impacted by the disease of addiction or those with a desire to help make recovery happen and support those in recovery are welcome to join for both the ride and/or just the BBQ.

To be a part of our planning committee, volunteer and/or donate:
Hand Delivered Hope
P.O. Box 189
East Bridgewater, MA 02333

Credit/Debit donations are accepted through PayPal. All proceeds will go towards helping those seeking recovery find it and those who have found it stay there. Visit the Facebook event page for more information. Please continue to keep Brendon and all those who have gone before us due to the complications of the disease of addiction in your daily thoughts and prayers. And take a moment to recognize Lynnel for devouring the details and never losing hope. You're an inspiration to us all!

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