Thursday, January 7, 2016

Start Looking for Flights--There's Going to be a Nutella Festival in Australia

That's right, the chocolatey-hazelnut spread you want to put on literally everything is going to have their very own festival! Nutella-palooza will take place in Adelaide's Bonython Park on April 9, 2016. There you can indulge in all your Nutella fantasies; from cooking demonstrations and bakery stalls to food trucks and art installations, the festival makes your wildest food dreams come true! And did we mention, this is a free event?!

This celebration of all things Nutella is supported by Splash Adelaide--a community program bringing the streets and public spaces to life through a series of activations, events and projects. We love programs like this! And spotlighting a specific product is definitely the right way to go as the hyper-focused food festival theme continues to grow in popularity among community events.

So, if you're lucky enough to attend this event and have "made Nutella skills", the festival is taking applications for stallholders. This is definitely your time to shine if you've got what it takes to whip up some deliciously unique Nutella-inspired creations like the ones featured below!

3. Grilled Nutella & Marshmallow Sandwiches | These Easy and Inexpensive Nutella Desserts Are All You Need In Life:

Make Nutella drinkable by blending it into a milkshake. Get the recipe from Just Easy Recipes. -

Nutella Fudgesicles (fudge popsicles) - Smooth and creamy chocolate hazelnut fudge pops. #dessert #snack:

Nutella Creme Brulee recipe. Creamy and silky creme brulee with Nutella. Very spoonful of the creme brulee is sweet, nutty with gooey Nutella. A must-try |

Yummmm. This festival would totally put us in a food coma. Kudos to Splash Adelaide for recognizing the power this delicious spread has over all of us. And sign us up as an advocate to bring this event to the states! No, seriously, sign us up. Now go and devour the details of Nutella-palooza!

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