Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Mashups: Snapchat Meets Event Photo-sharing

A new app has hit the events scene--like Snapchat, Upshot is here to capture those big nights out in a mature fashion. Created by the same team that’s been creating the Togethera family photo sharing app, Upshot creates a pool of photos from an event and location at which several people were, but crucially there is a time limit on viewing the pictures. Another reason to have your camera readily available at an event, this is an awesome way to get attendees involved and is an alternative to the ever-so-clever event hashtags. Definitely worth trying this out!

iPhone Screenshot 1

Here’s how it works. You create an event on Upshot and invite your friends. Everyone turns auto-share on. Simple, right? And the instructions can be easily incorporated into an event. All the photos taken through your normal camera or Snapchat are automatically posted in a private event stream that self-destructs after 7 days. You can view, like and chat around each photo and video while it’s available. You can also sync Facebook events to get the photos from all attendees in one private place. Don’t worry - you have 3 minutes to delete that bad selfie before it's uploaded!

This app is different from WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook moments because it works in the background. Once autoshare is on, you won't have to go back into the app for anything like you would with these other examples. You don’t have to change your existing habits to get value from the app. It essentially gives those less tech-savvy folks an opportunity to get in on the fun. Upshot works for events of all sizes and we think can even translate to things like a weekend get-a-way, vacation, or even a way for celebrities to give sneak-peeks of concerts, TV shows or new product lines. We really love this idea!

Upshot is available on iOS today and will be available for Android in February. So check it out in the App store now and devour the details of photo-sharing at your next event!

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