Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Mashups: Bring the Outdoors In

You know we're in the spring season when Earth Day (April 22nd) is right around the corner. There are so many ways to celebrate; for instance, cleaning up your local beach, recycling, or not driving your car for an entire day. Some charitable organizations also hold fundraising events where the money raised will go towards planting trees or updating something to be more eco-friendly. The theme of these events embodies our beautiful planet by bringing the outdoors in. Check out these interesting ideas to showcase Earth's natural elements!



Blue uplighting gives the appearance of water. Your guests will have an "under the sea" moment with this technique.



Heat things up with this fire-inspired lounge area. The use of red and orange ottomans and throw pillows in fiery hues are perfect for celebrating one of Earth's greatest elements.



Bring your floral design to life by incorporating larger-scale pieces that your live entertainment can utilize. This dancer portrays a hunter in the rain forest (but with better moves)!

Natural Centerpieces


Capture the essence of nature by pulling things in from your surrounding environment. Stones, pinecones, dried flowers and preserved butterflies all together make for a beautiful centerpiece arrangement.

Built-In Water Runner


This custom-built table features a water-filled-runner right through the middle of it. As your guests eat, they will be reminded of the calmness water can bring.



Compliment the colors of the outdoors with the food you are serving. This beautiful arrangement reminds us of the colors of deep sea fish you would find in the ocean and seashells that wash up on shore!



Performers playing the part of animals like this perfect peacock can be a hit. As a "living table", guests were able to experience the beauty of a peacock without a real peacock needing to be there.

Don't hesitate to get creative and devour the details with all that is available to you outdoors. These ideas and any others you come up with can make for an exceptional Earth Day and celebrate nature the way it should be recognized!

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