Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wedding Wednesdays: Six Chic Satellite Bars to Fit Your Theme

The bar at your venue might not be something you consider as needing to fit your theme but there are so many things you can do with this focal point. Think about it--nearly everyone will be approaching this area for a beverage, so you might as well make it something they won't forget! Check out these six chic satellite bars we found can fit with a number of wedding themes. Cheers!

Wood Whiskey Bar

Wooden whiskey bar

This setup brings about that speakeasy feel. A casual but distinguished bar. Incorporating a floral arrangement to add a pop of color might take it up a notch for your wedding reception.

Locally Brewed Beer Bar

Locally brewed beer bar with IPA and Lager

Customized taps and all, your guests will truly enjoy this feature. They're able to help themselves and sample the different flavors provided. This is that game-changer for guests that will have them talking about your wedding for years to come.

Drink Dispenser Bar

Vintage pre-ceremony drink display

Again, a great option to allow guests to serve themselves. Creating large batches of cocktails like spiked lemonade or ice tea in advance requires low maintenance once you're at the reception. Play up the dispensers with small signs that describe the beverage but share the look and feel of your theme.


Bellini bar with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries

Great for mimosas, bellinis or bloody marys, a do it yourself bar lets your guests pick and choose what they think will taste best. Pedestals have a way of making any table look modern and fresh; they're especially handy in this case if you want to elevate the fruit bowls for an easier reach without bulking up the table's design. The displayed fruits provide a natural pop of color when styled on top a contrasting color like this navy-blue-striped tablecloth.

Signature Cocktail Bar

Champagne cocktail bar

Pre-made and ready to be served, this setup allows your guests to have a sip as soon as possible. If you give the signature cocktail a little story behind it, your friends and family will feel that connection and appreciate the cocktail even more. This signature drink needs its own special moment and deserves the solo table presentation!

Antique Spirits Bar

Alice In Wonderland-inspired cocktail bar

This is great because you can get so many fun vintage items to decorate this bar. The thrifted antique desk totally does the trick for this setup. Deck out the drawers with old-fashioned teacups, overflowing florals and back-up bottles. If you're lacking counter space, add a couple tiered dessert trays to provide additional room for light bites, garnishes or cocktail napkins.

Keep finding inspirations until you come across a satellite bar that truly fits your theme. Your wedding day isn't the time to be settling (just settling down with you soon-to-be husband). Cheers to devouring the details of a memorable bar!

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