Thursday, June 2, 2016

Figaro's of Boston and Revere Beach

So this past weekend as you may remember, we took my mom to see KURIOS, the Cirque du Soleil show at Suffolk Downs. We went to the mid-day show so it was only right to do Sunday brunch beforehand. My mom frequents Revere Beach to walk or ride bikes with my dad so when see suggested we dine at Figaro's because they often pass it on their route, we decided to do some research! Here's a little bit of what we found out about the restaurant.

First off, there are two Figaro's locations; one in Boston and one on Revere Beach. Since 2002, Figaro's Boston has been  the "go to" for gourmet sandwiches, salads, soups, and fare for business people and tourists alike. Located in Boston's budding leather district, nestled between Chinatown and South Station, Figaro's has cultivated a unique approach to breakfast, lunch, and catering that meets all needs. Their mission has been to offer their diners creative options and transforming the idea of grabbing a "quick lunch" to new culinary heights.

Figaro's Revere Beach opened its doors July 4th 2013, bringing the same commitment to quality, and inspired dining as their Boston location. Trading in the city landscapes for beach vistas has inspired their menu to include not only original favorites, but additional delicious hand-crafted specialties perfect for the oceanfront dining experience. Figaro's Revere Beach is the "collaboration" of the Martone family, taking old-world traditions of meat-curing and pickling, and applying them to new creative dishes, and a seasonal weekend wine-paired dinner menu that evolves week to week. Regarded as a new favorite among beach diners, Figaro's Revere is now well-known for their comfort food dishes that excite the palate and feed the soul, keeping customers coming back for more!

Chef and owner Rosie Martone is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Boston and Regis College. Last year she was recognized by both, being asked to be the keynote speaker at the Le Cordon Bleu graduation, and being featured in "Regis Today" magazine. You'll find Rosie at either location any day of the week... cooking, of course! It truly runs in the family with the Martones because co-owner and manager Giovanni Martone, Rosie's brother, has been right by her side to open and oversee these two fine establishments. Giovanni is a graduate of Merrimack College with an extensive background in finance and investment. While opening a restaurant seemed the furthest from a "sound" investment to Giovanni aka John, he recognized the possibilities; Rosie's cooking talent right under his nose and that there was a definite market for home-made, creative, and comforting quick-serve food made this a no brainer. Thus, Figaro's took off!

This family is no stranger to the spotlight! In December of 2013, the whole family was featured on the Food Network's hit show, "Chopped", as a first time special, Chopped Family Food Fight (Season 22, ep 2). Rosie and Giovanni competed as well as their parents Raffaele and Geraldine. It is evident in the episode that this family bonds over all things culinary. Their vibrant dynamic shone through as competitors but in the same token also showed how much they have each other's backs in this tough industry.
But now that we've discussed all of that, let's get to the real point here--the food! Every single thing, and we mean every single thing because we tried it all, that our family got for brunch at Figaro's Revere Beach, was unbelievably good. We truly tasted the passion the Martone family has for cooking. It is no wonder these two restaurants have been so successful and were selected as Chopped contestants. Here's what we all got...

To share:

House-Made Plate o'Doughnuts (Choice of 3 for $7)
Maple Bacon Glazed Doughnut
Fruity Pebbles Doughnut topped with a Raspberry Glaze and a sprinkling of Fruity Pebbles
Blueberry Cheesecake Doughnut drizzled with Blueberry Glaze and Fresh Blueberries

These were phenomenal. My favorite was the Fruity Pebbles one. We feel like we have to go back just for the doughnuts!

Mom's dish:

Shrimp-n-Grits $14
Cheddar, Sour Cream and Chive Corn Grits topped with Fire-Cracker Shrimp and Bacon Crisps

Packed with creamy goodness, the shrimp were cooked perfectly and added texture to the dish.

Dad's dish:

The "Graceland" $13
Country White French Toast layered with Peanut Butter and FlambĂ©ed Bananas smothered in a Brown Butter Rum, Maple Syrup, Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce and topped with a pile of Crispy Bacon

Just look at that plate! It was mouthwatering and extremely decadent. He couldn't finish it all!

My dish:

Caprese Omelet $12
Three Egg Omelet filled with Grape Tomatoes, Fresh and Whole Milk Mozzarella, Basil and Pesto, served with Ciabatta Toast and Breakfast Potatoes
I love pesto everything. The fresh mozzarella gave the omelet the perfect ooy-gooy-goodness. And the breakfast potatoes were crispy and sprinkled with cayenne pepper, just how I like them!

Brooke and Chris's dishes:

Sweet Lil Piggy $11
A Breakfast Sammy stuffed with Two Fried Eggs, Cheese, Ham, Bacon, Sausage with a Strawberry Sriracha Jam, served on Country White Toast with Breakfast Potatoes

Both ordered the dish solely to try the strawberry sriracha jam and both were thoroughly impressed!

DJ's dish:

Breakfast BLT $10
Two Fried Eggs layered with Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Chipotle Mayo, served on a Grilled Ciabatta roll with Breakfast Potatoes
Who doesn't love a good BLT? The fried eggs and chipotle mayo were an added bonus and took this classic dish to a new level. DJ enjoyed it!

So to wrap this all up, if the pictures weren't enough, follow their Facebook page for more updates on what the Martone family plans to create and serve next! Get to Figaro's Boston or Revere Beach and devour the details of a unique dining experience with the best ingredients and some signature flavors you can't get anywhere else. Thanks for having us Figaro's!

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