Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Mashups: Palm Tree Pretty

Do you dream of a tropical getaway? Somewhere sunny with white sand, blue sky and crystal clear water? Have you thought about it so much so that you start to see signs every where you turn, telling you it's time for a much needed vacation? We're right there with you! That being said, we're bringing you a great Monday Mashup; making your tropical dreams a tasty reality but no plane ticket required. Check out our favorite palm tree creations that will satisfy you until you've managed to plan your next vacation!

Serve it in the morning, on your coffee..

Florida style, I think bb&b sells stencils for using cinnamon designs:

Stack it up for your fruit platter..

Edible Flower Arrangement in the shape of an exotic palm tree using pineapples as the trunk. The beach is made up of a variety of rich coloured tropical fruit.:

Go green with these veggie treats..

Decorative party food ideas.... from veggi palm trees to flip flop sandwiches!

Might be a little cheesy, but we love how cute this dish is..

Cheddar Island - Cheese Platter Presentation:

And for dessert, these cupcakes will do!

Palm Tree Cupcakes | Your Cup of Cake | Bloglovin’:

Quit dreaming of a vacation and take a little getaway with these palm tree inspired treats! Devour the details of a tropical paradise, one bite at a time!

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