Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wedding Wednesdays: Top Gifts for Your Tech Savvy Bridesmaids

It is without a doubt that the world we live in now revolves around our mobile devices. We are constantly on our phones, using data, posting to social media and sharing information via the inter-webs. Knowing that technology will be a huge element of your wedding (from your hashtag to your videographer), why not prepare your bridesmaids with the tools they'll need to keep the Instagramming going all night? Here are our top gifts for your tech savvy bridesmaids!

Phone-Charging Wristlet

Kate Spade black and white striped everpurse

Everpurse x Kate Spade New York Quentin Stripe wristlet pouch for $198. In between all the picture taking and day-of texts and phone calls, your closest gal pals will have fully charged phones from morning mimosas to the wedding after-party. Lucky for you, they will be able to capture every single moment from putting on your shoes to your 'I Dos'. When it's not in use, set the purse on top of its wireless charging platform to recharge, and be on your way again. Easy as that!

Vibrating Notification Bracelet

Rebecca Minkoff black and gold notification bracelet

Rebecca Minkoff notification bracelet for $120. Instead of feeling like they need to keep an eye on their phone all the time, you know for those minor wedding hiccups, they can pair this bracelet with their phone via Bluetooth, program up to 25 different contacts, and be alerted of texts and calls through a vibration notification. When the phones are away, the girls will play! Plus this bracelet pairs well with a Roaring 20's themed reception. We love it!

Notification Cocktail Ring

Ringly Out to Sea blue notification ring

Ringly Out to Sea ring for $195. Your bridesmaids can connect their phone (iOS or Android) and set custom colors and vibration patterns for different types of notifications (email, text, call). A fantastic accessory for a wedding or every day in the office. Let your bridesmaids have fun with this glowing piece of jewelry. You can even choose from eight different precious and semiprecious gemstones for personalized gifting!

USB Leather Tassel Keychain

Belkin MIXIT↑ Lightning to USB Leather Tassel for $34.99. Clip this onto a purse or tote and you’ll be able to charge your iPhone at a moment’s notice. Your bridesmaids need to stay charged up in case of emergency and to share how exciting your wedding experience is! The leather tassels hide the USB and lightning cables and it comes in four colors: black, gold (brown), gray, and a reddish pink. Perfect for any girlfriend!

Bluetooth Speaker Clutch

Stelle audio mini-clutch in black

StellĂ© Audio Mini-Clutch speaker for $149. This perfect clutch doubles as a Bluetooth-compatible, six-watt speaker—say what? It even has an auxiliary cord to pair with any non-Bluetooth device. Your girls can be shaking and grooving way before the reception! And as for practicality, there's a built-in mirror for pre-wedding photo touch-ups and a microphone for hands-free phone calls (and a USB phone-charging cable!). This purse has it all!

Smart Notification Necklace

Vinaya Altruis rose gold and white smart notification necklace, $430,

Vinaya Altruis rose gold and white smart notification necklace for $430. Another perfect piece of tech jewelry to pair with any bridesmaids dress! This necklace also syncs via Bluetooth and has different vibration patterns for each notification (email, call, text) so your bridesmaids can always be on high alert and styling. In the wise words of BeyoncĂ©, flawless!

Surprise your bridesmaids with these tech savvy gifts and devour the details of a well-connected wedding!

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