Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Discover Brookline: A New View of Boston

Sure, we've all explored the city. We've walked the streets, waited for the T, have had a taste of local cuisine and saw the sites but have we really seen all there is to see? Not quite! Especially in the neighboring suburbs of Boston, like Brookline. Established in 1705 as a town of its own (apart from Boston), Brookline is now home to nearly 60,000 residents. This historic town offers an extraordinary amount of 19th century architecture and is opening its doors to the public on July 31st for a special walking tour of the Longwood and Cottage Farm neighborhoods in Brookline.


Architecture buffs will appreciate this walking tour featuring a remarkable collection of romantic English country-style cottages and picturesque churches built in a variety of classical styles. Founded by two families, the Sears and Lawrence families, as places where they and their friends could live, these two historic districts boast beautiful homes, several 19th century churches, and a surprise or two, such as one of the first International Style homes built in the Boston area, and the home of the subjects of one of the most well-loved paintings at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Brookline Cottage Farm

The Longwood and Cottage Farm historic districts span some 119 acres and are comprised of sophisticated suburban homes and cottages designed in the Gothic Revival, Mansard, Queen Anne, and Georgian Revival architectural styles. Did we also mention this is where Tom Brady lives? Tickets are just $15 and can be purchased online!

(TB12's home bordering Brookline Country Club)

Come visit these quiet neighborhoods set apart from their urban borders for an exclusive look at the history of Boson that lies within the town of Brookline and devour the details of what this great little area has to offer!

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