Thursday, July 21, 2016

Six Beach Perfect Wines for Summer

For all you winosaurs out there that enjoy a nice relaxing beach day with a glass of red, white or rosé...this post is for you! Through thorough research (and many tastings) by Cala Restaurant's wine director, Lauren Feldman, it has been determined that coastal wines tend to pair best with the ocean breeze and sandy cheeks. Naturally, northern Spain and Basque country wines and wines from the French, Italian and Spanish rivieras, basically the whole Mediterranean coastline and island wines, like from Corsica and the Canary Islands fit the bill. Produced in areas with the sunshine and sea breeze, meant to enjoy on the sand with a beach read, these are the top six wines to enjoy this summer!

1.Valdespino Fino Inocente (nonvintage)

This wine has a refreshing acidity and saltiness. It's said to taste like ocean water, like briny oyster wine. And if you like oysters like us, you totally won't mind!

2. 2015 Ameztoi Rubentis Txakolina

This wine is straightforward with a little bit of berry but mostly watermelon and a refreshing summer fruit quality to it. It's the perfect wine to drink under the sun because the alcohol content isn't too high. Plus who doesn't like these flavors at the beach?

3. 2014 Ferdinand Albariño

This wine is super crisp and refreshing! Totally hits the spot when it gets a little hot at the beach. A lighter but still complex wine we wouldn't mind sharing!

4.  2014 Los Bermejos Listán Rosado

This is a pretty ripe rosé, and there’s peachiness to it. It's right up our alley! Can't wait to sip on this bubbly beach drink!

5. 2015 Altura Chiaretto di Sangiovese

This wine starts off tart yet bright with grand cranberry flavors, fresh and floral nodes and then kind of opens up into more of a deeper berry, cherries, strawberries! All really fresh, kind of youthful flavors with an underlying, island herbaceousness perfect for any beachy destination. You can't go wrong with this wine!

6. 2014 Ampeleia Unlitro

This is sort of a surprising, light, juicy number from Tuscany. Pairs well with meats if you're grilling at the beach. Unlitro is one you can drink all day and night, so make sure you bring enough for everyone!

Don't just take our word for it (or Lauren Feldman's), try these wines today and devour the details of these beach perfect reds, whites and rosés! Cheers!

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