Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wedding Wednesdays: Diamonds Unleashed

Is your future fiancé a philanthropist? Do they love to volunteer and give back to their community? Are they involved in a number of charities? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may need to consider purchasing an engagement ring through Diamonds Unleashed. You might be wondering what an engagement ring has to do with nonprofit organizations, as they seem to be in two completely opposite realms, but we're about to share the importance of this company and how they will bring an even bigger smile to your philanthropist's face!

Diamonds Unleashed by Kara Ross

Diamonds Unleashed isn't just a fine jewelry company, it's a movement. Their mission is to inspire women’s self worth, create educational opportunities for girls, and celebrate that women, like diamonds, are brilliant, multi-faceted, and unbreakable. Diamonds Unleashed is home to a collection of products including engagement rings, fine jewelry, accessories and tabletop; charitable partners that focus on girl’s education and employment; an event series in major cities around the world; a powerful network of influential ambassadors who are in solidarity with their project’s mission and a robust digital presence including an informative website and social media channels.

Diamonds Unleashed nonprofit engagement ring

They have partnered with She’s The First and Girls Who Code as their launch year beneficiaries.  She’s The First provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries with the goal of creating first-generation graduates and our next generation of global leaders. Girls Who Code is a national nonprofit organization working to close the gender gap in the technology and engineering sectors.
Both organizations not only have great programs, they have visionary and effective leadership, strong and active boards, a track record of successful partnerships and terrific social media. They looked for organizations that are doing impressive work that can be scaled, that have a big and bold vision, and that are preparing young women to be true agents of their destiny while tying them into a larger community. DU found these traits in these two nonprofits and that is why they make the perfect partners!

Diamonds Unleashed beneficiary, She's the FirstDiamonds Unleashed beneficiary, Girls Who Code

Diamonds Unleashed is committed to donate all net profits from the sales of their jewelry and products after expenses, which will be evenly split between the two organizations with a minimum donation of $20,000 to each organization. Not only does Diamonds Unleashed donate to nonprofits, it's also socially and environmentally responsible when sourcing its diamonds. What's better than that?!

Diamonds Unleashed nonprofit engagement ring

Having a ring that represents love, is sourced responsibly and gives back to the future education of girls worldwide is something we can totally stand behind and share with our readers! Check out some pieces from the collection below and be sure to get involved with Diamonds Unleashed when purchasing that gorgeous ring for your future fiancé! Hats off to DU creator Kara Ross--we can't wait to see how you continue devouring the details of this successful venture!

Diamonds Unleashed by Kara Ross Engagement Rings

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