Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Mashups: Stranger Things Inspired Cocktails

We hope you were able to watch a bit of the Golden Globes last night and catch a glimpse of your favorite celebs all dressed up! If you didn't turn on your TV, we're sure you saw the endless number of social media posts and Snapchats coinciding with the event. Our favorite featured friend gang, the cast of Stranger Things, definitely stole our hearts with their group appearances, including this hilarious yet brilliant rap honoring cast member Barb:

So today, we wanted to bring you some Stranger Things inspired cocktails as you await the second season and maybe re-watch the first season three more times. Enjoy!
Mama Bear Byers
Mama Bear Byers Espresso Bourbon and Chocolate Cocktail
An espresso infused bourbon and chocolate cocktail, a perfect combination for any mother trying to get their son out of the Upside Down. Cheers to you Joyce for never giving up! Get the recipe here.
The Upside Down
Upside Down Blackberry Cocktail
Speaking of the Upside Down, let's hope this cocktail is as close as you get to another dimension. The crimson color and swirls of black and blue definitely make you think of the nightmare-ish home of the Demogorgon. Avoid being taken with this recipe!
"11" Ginger Maple Fizz
Ginger Maple Fizz
Inspired by our favorite Eggo loving character, this drink will be your hero just like 11. And of course it has a maple syrup component to pair nicely with any waffle dish. We recommend this recipe for breakfast and Netflix in bed!
The second season of Stranger Things is set to premiere some time in 2017. We can't wait much longer! Practice these inspired cocktails in the meantime and devour the details of all three by the time our friends return to Hawkins!

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