Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wedding Wednesdays: Five Fun Wedding After Party Ideas

Just because the reception comes to an end doesn't mean your wedding night has to be over. Keep the excitement going with a fun after party! If you and your guests can hang, these late night outings are a perfect treat. Celebrate all night long with these five fun wedding after party ideas!

A Sweet Suite

To cut private room costs at bars, invite your friends to stop by your suite for more drinks. This can be BYOB, or you can keep a stash of beer, wine and snacks in your suite—room service appetizers are also a good idea. Or go in a different direction with a candy bar and other sweets. Can't go wrong with a late night sugar rush! Then when you're ready to be alone, know that you reserve the right to kick everyone out at any time.


Sing your hearts out at your local karaoke joint or upscale piano bar. You'll fit right in in your wedding attire! Make it a sing-off for additional fun—there's nothing wrong with a little healthy competition between the newlyweds and both sides of the wedding party and nothing's better than seeing both of your parents taking a turn with the mic.

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Bet on I Do

If your wedding is within traveling distance of a casino, rent a limo or party bus and hit the slot machines and poker tables. If you prefer to stay close to home, hire a local entertainment company to set up shop in your hotel suite—roulette and blackjack tables are easiest. Pass out those old school visors and cigars for additional fun!


Ditch your gown and stilettos for oh-so-chic bowling shoes at your local bowling alley. You and your wedding party can score with a great night of after-hours bowling and booze, ensuring there'll be little energy left to spare. This outing can also turn competitive real quick. We suggest having the losing team pay for drinks!

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Champagne Showers

If your friends are night owls, organize a local bar or club crawl. Spring for transportation (cabs, limo or party bus), because no one should be driving to any of these activities if drinking is involved. Budget for first drinks or the cover charge so your guests don't have to worry about having additional cash on them. If possible, make reservations at every spot you plan to hit, or else call beforehand to confirm they can accommodate your crowd. Though, who can really turn down a wedding party?

Keep the celebration going all night long and devour the details of your wedding after party!

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