Friday, November 29, 2013

Mason Madness

One of the newest decorative trends is the use of mason jars at various events and as gifts! You can find numerous mason jar ideas on Pinterest. Here are five of my favorites!

A gift everyone can enjoy, cookie mix in a mason jar! Creative and delicious.

Another great gift idea, for the children in your life who still believe, a little something sweet from Santa! Make sure to use red candies in the jar to make it look like Santa's suit.

This beautifully wrapped mason jar can be used as a candle holder. When the lights are dim, the music notes will shine onto the surrounding area. Very sweet and romantic.


I think this one is my absolute favorite. Use mason jars as picture frames! It will play into any rustic home d├ęcor and is a fun way to display photos at any event; engagement parties, birthdays, etc.

Last but not least, these awesome chalkboard mason jars can be filled with anything and labeled so everyone will know what they contain. These can also be used to drink from and the person using the jar can write their name on the front. Very fun and easy to create!

 Make your way through the madness and devour the details!

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