Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Save Money On Your 2014 Wedding

As I was pinning and watching Extreme Cheapskates: Wedding Edition, I was inspired by a pin from They shared a pin on how to save money when planning a wedding. Imagine how wonderful it would be to get thousands of dollars worth of wedding merchandise and products for free. In author Sharon Naylor's book The Bride's Guide to Freebies, she reveals money saving strategies on everything from the dress to the food to the entertainment. Naylor provides information on what to say (and not say) to score lots of swag and tips on how to foster positive relationships with vendors.

Here's how Naylor sums it up in her post. If you're wondering how to score freebies from vendors, 1. be likeable, 2. ask for freebies in person, 3. ask for items that take less time to make, and 4. negotiate package elements you don't want. All great tips when working with vendors. You may also be interested in scoring freebies from your friends and family. You can 1. borrow wedding-related items like any left-over décor, 2. barter wedding-related services, 3. save on bigger wedding purchases, and 4. request gift cards for your birthday or holidays to put towards any wedding-related items. Lastly Naylor suggests scoring freebies online 1. enter contests and sweepstakes and 2. follow bridal vendors' social media accounts.

These are excellent ideas to help you save on your big day. Read Naylor's post to find out more or pick up her book on Amazon or Thanks for the great advice Sharon Naylor and keep devouring those details so we can reap the benefits!

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