Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Silly Rabbit

Easter is my all time favorite holiday, so as you can imagine, the springy décor is of great importance to me! This year I'm going to go for a more whimsical look with inspirations I found on Pinterest. These DIY décor and favor ideas are inexpensive and easy to make. The little details will draw out the Easter theme and your guests will undoubtedly notice your efforts.

Bunny banner hanging décor fits so well into this whimsical spring theme. You can get paper with or without patterns, cut them into bunnies, and tape them to some string. You can even double side the bunnies on each side of the string so the tape is hidden!
Bunny "banners"

Create centerpieces that are edible! There is always so much Easter candy available, why not use it to your advantage? Cadbury Eggs, peeps, chocolate bunnies etc. can be used with Easter grass in glass jars to bring the theme to life. Seriously, how cute are these arrangements?

Hoppy Easter
easter decoration ideas

Use your imagination to create a silly rabbit napkin fold! This is an awesome idea for a place setting. Place a napkin ring towards the bottom of the fold and cover with a small piece of paper cut to look like a rabbit's mouth. Simply adorable!

Easter Bunny Ears Napkins

The main feature that will really bring out the whimsicalness of your Easter theme is an awesome cake like this. The cute tree stump is a hiding spot for this bunny! The butterfly and flowers draw out the spring-like atmosphere. Perfect!

Adorable Easter Cake!

Send your guests home with some extra candy in these coffee-filter flower Easter baskets or paper carrots. The pastel colors are perfect for spring! Inexpensive and easy to make adding to the whimsical theme.

I hope these ideas give you inspiration to devour the details this Easter and you can enjoy the day as much as I do!

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