Monday, March 17, 2014

Who Decorates the Coop for After the I Dos?

In all those romantic movies after the wedding of a lifetime, the bride and groom set off on their new journey together in the back of a car that reads "just married". But have you ever wondered who's responsibile for decorating the wedding getaway car? According to, the best man and groomsmen are usually in charge of this almost always forgotten task.

Brides today are becoming more focused on every little detail and have taken on planning how the getaway car should be decorated by the groomsmen. They're doing this to maximize photo-ops and leave a lasting impression on their guests. It always makes for a fun, little surprise, to see how it turns out when it's time to hit the newly-wed road! gives some great advice in preparing for this part of your wedding: "If you want to depart from the reception in a decorated car, gather all of the necessary supplies (and print out an inspiration photo, if you can!); then, hand everything over to the groomsmen at the rehearsal dinner. You'll also have to let them know logistics like where and when they'll have access to the car, and because they may need to get inside the vehicle to secure some of the decoration elements, be prepared to give them a spare car key".

Don't stop devouring the details!

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