Monday, March 10, 2014


Sorry this is going to be another brief post. I have been having a lot of issues posting from my laptop and home computer so I am using my iPad for this one. So I apologize for the formatting issues in advance. Once I get my laptop fixed, I will start putting up some more detailed posts again!

While pinning today, I find some really useful checklists for wedding planning whether you're the bride or a planner. These are great tools to have to cross-check some ideas you may have already written down or some idea you may not have thought of yet.

First, here's a detailed list encompassing rehearsal, ceremony, reception, stationary, and flower details.

Wedding photography opportunities also make for a great checklist. Check out these awesome ideas!

And the most important list I came across is who pays for what. Families working together to pay for a wedding can use this to help distinguish where the money will come from.

I hope these checklists help you devour the details in someway when it comes to planning the big day!

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