Thursday, March 13, 2014

What's cooking?

Again I apologize for the briefs posts. Hopefully my laptop will be fixed by Monday! Here is a great article on what it takes to work as a female chef in a male dominated industry. One of the most recognized female chefs to have ever stepped into a kitchen is Julia Child. You could say she really set the wheels in motion for women to be taken seriously as chefs.

According to this article, just like Julia Child, these female chefs who have become part of the kitchens of the gourmet food world have a few things in common: they are constantly learning, they work hard and they have a passion for food that sustains them though the long hours and information overload. In an industry that is forever evolving, these women continue to grow and become more creative; using techniques from various cultures and ingredients from around the world. This information validates that women have a place in the kitchen alongside any male chef. 

Equality in the kitchen is the way to go when it comes to devouring the details! Read more here to get the full scoop from the female chefs themselves:

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