Friday, March 7, 2014

What Night Is It? Game Night!

What’s your favorite childhood game? Monopoly, Clue, Sorry, Uno.. so many to choose from! Next time you're looking to have a night in with your closest friends, throw a game night party. It is a great way to share in some friendly competition, relax, and chow down. Check out these ideas to move ahead three spaces in impressing your friends with your creativity!

Welcome your guests with a sign like this. They'll enjoy the amount of thought you put in to making the games come to life!

Bridgey Widgey: Game Night Party

Have some cute décor by filling vases with game pieces like Monopoly Money or different color dice. Using Scrabble pieces to spell different things out as décor is also a great way to incorporate the playfulness you're aiming for the night to have.


 ciao! newport beach: host a FUN game night party


 Game night party ideas, could totally use this for Girls Game Nights. :)


Game logos can be used to label the different food and beverage you'll be serving. Cookies can be made into game pieces and your theme can play out in so many ways just like it would on the board!


Cupcake using sugar cubes… so cute for a game night or game themed party  BUNCO CUPCAKES!!! Yes!!!

If you really want to make the night memorable for your guests, this cake is the ultimate surprise. I've never seen anything so perfect!

Game night cake!  13!  I think Jessica's 13th birthday is going to be a game day.  This will be the cake.  Oh, yes. 


And now to my favorite part, the favors! Two awesome gifts your guests can use at your party and take home with them. Coasters can be made out of different board games and wine charms with Clue characters are essential to establish who's glass belongs to whom. Everyone can enjoy these!


 ciao! newport beach: host a FUN game night party

Clue game wine glass charms game night party favors Colonel Mustard Miss Scarlett. on Etsy, $18.00

Seriously, what a fun way to bring everyone together. This is a sure way to have your guests let you pass 'Go' and devour the details for many game nights to come!

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