Monday, December 8, 2014

Crazy and Unique Proposals

With it being the holiday season, couples are getting engaged left and right. Some people are keeping it sweet and simple but others are going over the top to make sure their soon-to-be fiancé knows just how much they love them. This weekend I've seen two of the craziest marriage proposals shared on social media. Check out these crazy and unique proposals to spark your creativity if you're thinking about popping the question this winter!

Tyne Owen, from Australia decided the holiday season was exactly the right time to prove just how much he loved his girlfriend of four years, Jamie, by planning a secret proposal with her entire family. On Christmas Eve the happy couple, along with many of Jamie’s relatives, were gathering around for their annual family photo wearing festive T-shirts to spell out “Merry Xmas.” Little did Jaime know that these t-shirts would turn into something even more special than Christmas itself. There was a subtle switch of some of the letters standing behind her to now spell out “Marry Me” just in time for the picture to be snapped. When she went to check out the photo, it took her a minute to realize, but when she did Tyne was on one knee and the proposal was complete!

Next we have Yasushi Takahashi, an artist who quit his job in 2008, trekked across Japan with a GPS tracker, and used his travels to spell out a 4,451-mile long proposal. He spent six months using cars, ferries, and his feet to transcribe “Marry Me” across the entire island of Japan, then added a heart with an arrow through it just for good measure. This sort of reminds me of The Proclaimers song "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)", a man that would travel miles to do something for the one he loves is okay in my book! Yasushi is also okay in another book, The Guinness Book of World Records that is. Yes, he has claimed the title of the largest GPS drawing in the world. Congrats Yasushi on your engagement and going down in history as a Guinness Book of World Records winner!

We love these stories and wish both couples the best! Will you be the next to make headlines and devour the details of a crazy and unique proposal? I can't wait to see!

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