Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What To Get Your Marine

My cousin is graduating from the Marines in just a few short weeks. We will be traveling to South Carolina to see him complete his last days at boot camp and receive his honor of serving the country. Many of you may have had or will have similar experiences. Being that this is unlike any high school or college graduation, you may have struggled with or are thinking about what to get your loved one that is graduating. Here are some ideas and inspiration as the big day approaches.

This Compass Necklace, so they never get lost on their travels

Marine Compass Necklace, Compass Jewelry, Compass Art Pendant, Compass Charm [A1286]

This Dog Tag Bottle-Opener Keychain, so they always remember hard-work pays off

Marine Corps bottle opener  US Marines  by CharmletteDesigns, $16.00

This Watch, so they always come home to you on time

Gifts For Your New Marine at Boot Camp Graduation, since many can't or don't carry their phones a watch becomes a great gift.


This Under Armour Sweatshirt, so they are always warm and reminded of your hugs

Under Armour Marines Real Tree Hooded Sweat

This MTech Pocket Knife, so they are always prepared for anything

Gifts to buy your new Marine when he graduates from Boot Camp. Every Marine is kinda knife crazy, it's a guy thing. They love combat knives, this one has the USMC seal on it and would make a nice graduation gift to start his collection.

So don't be afraid to devour the details for your Marine, they'll appreciate your presence more than any of these gifts!

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