Monday, December 22, 2014

Get Creative with Your Gift Cards

Gift cards are really the go-to gifts during the holiday season. Some people feel like when they give a gift card that it lacks thoughtfulness but I beg to differ. Giving someone a chunk of change to one of their favorite stores is all right by me! Especially since they can use it towards all the post-holiday sales. But I do think it's important to get creative with your gift card holders; showing an extra effort with this new-norm of a present. Check out these unique ways to give a gift card this holiday season!

1. In a cell phone case, two presents in one!

iPhone Case with Storage from Eyn Products

2. Hang it as an ornament!

Gift Card Wrapper                    Instead of just putting your gift in a greeting card, add a special personalized touch by making one of these unique gift-card holders yourself

3. Have it pop-up as a surprise!

Kathleenh-inside christmas gift card holder

4. Tell what the gift is with these adorable paper coffee cups! Starbucks or Dunks?

Coffee cup gift card holder

5. Deck the halls with these mini paper stockings!

Stocking Gift Card Holders

6. Show-off the gift in a clever way!

A tutorial for a workbench gift card holder - the drawer actually opens and you can include a Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. gift card!

7. An awesome display for an iTunes gift card and could the candy headphones be any cuter?

we do these almost every year for our kids' teachers as a fun and unique gift.

8. Turn it into a snow-globe!

If you really went minimal in terms of thoughtfulness, disguise your disregard with a distracting gift card globe. | 38 DIY Gifts People Actually Want

Take your gift cards to the next level and devour the details of a present that will make all of your 'special someones' excited to open them!

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