Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nine Fine Ways to Incorporate Pine

Pine needles and pinecones are excellent to work with if you're on a budget for your holiday party. These natural beauties can be found in some backyards but are also extremely inexpensive at craft stores. You can make them the center of attention or have them hang subtly in the background. So if you're hosting a holiday party this winter, we've got some awesome ways to incorporate pines!

1. Simple pinecones as placecard holders

winter wedding name cards: could add ski run names instead of table numbers

2. Line a candleholder with pine needles for a creative glow

Evergreen Christmas candle holders

3. Hang some pinecones for added natural beauty

“Most people would put them in a bowl or on the tree, but I chose to isolate them as special, beautiful objects,” says Brinson of Kasler’s pinecones, hanging alongside other keepsakes on a branch.

4. Incorporate pine needles right into your favors

Burlap, bakers twine, fresh greens, and little chalkboard decals for wrapping details

5. Add some string lights and pinecones to a vase for another unique glow

I could make this! It would only take a few minutes to gather up small branches and pine cones and put them in a vase

6. Use left over pine tree trimmings to add to your plate settings with these rolled napkins

Simple ideas for leftover tree trimmings.

7. Think outside of the box and add a pop of color with these painted pinecones

blue pinecones

8. Pinecones and needles make a perfect addition to any chair cover

Pine cone chair ribbons for a winter wedding

9. Use pines as part of your table runner d├ęcor, let them be the center of attention!

Pretty Christmas Table... Love the idea with the pine cone name tag holders.

Hope these can give you a little inspiration to devour the details and create some holiday cheer!

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