Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Five Fabulous Holiday Side Dishes

For me, the holiday meals always revolve around the side dishes. Don't get me wrong, I love ham, pork tenderloin, or prime rib (whatever my mom decides to make for the main course), but I think I love the endless amounts of veggies, starches, and rolls even more! You can really out do your main course by getting as creative as possible with your sides this holiday season. Here are some of my favorites that I came across when planning festive dinners this year.

1. Chipotle Cheddar Biscuits


Kick dinner up a notch with these tasty treats! Get the recipe here.

2. Curried Chickpeas


A great dish served up on a bed of rice, chickpeas have become a new favorite of mine and will really add to your main course! Get the recipe here.

3. Antipasto Kebobs

Antipasto kababs

A great twist on an Italian classic. Easy to eat and very satisfying! Get the recipe here.

4. Oven-roasted Bacon, Garlic, and Parmesan Potatoes

My Favorite Things: Oven Roasted Bacon, Garlic and Parmesan Potatoes from My Adventures in the Country

This side is a true crowd-pleaser. It has a little something for everyone and pairs well with a meaty main course. Get the recipe here.

5. Crispy Asian Brussels Sprouts

This is the way to prepare brussel sprouts to please everyone! Crispy Asian Brussels Sprouts are full of flavor and have just the right amount of crunch! This is a great vegetable side to serve to the gang at your next get-together.

These trendy veggies are the new big thing. This crispy Asian creation has a ton of flavor and are sweet, spicy and savory all in one. Get the recipe here.

Devour the details of the side dishes at your holiday parties with these awesome recipes and make it a happy holiday!

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