Thursday, February 12, 2015

Boston's Best Foodies

If you're a foodie like me, you'll appreciate this post! When Instagram first claimed the lives of millions with its time consuming, photo-sharing and editing app, uploading pictures of food and drinks was all the rage. This practice hasn't grown stale quite yet. In fact, the art of food Instagrams has now been mastered and given followers access to ingredients, dishes, and techniques they would have never seen if it wasn't for social media. Whether it’s the rich-looking cream of a lemon cheesecake topped with a raspberry coulis or a well-seasoned, medium-rare steak, food has become a serious staple on Instagram.

That being said, Boston is a particularly great place for capturing the art of scrumptious food. even put together a ranking of some of our city’s best food-related Instagram accounts for you to check out. I've included my top 5 below but shares all 16 of their favorites. Be sure to follow these accounts today but I will warn you, they will make you hungry!







These Instagrammers will have you starving to devour the details when it comes to sharing your next meal! So keep the food trend alive and post your foodie pics today, maybe even using the hashtag #devourthedetails!

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