Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Prom Preparation

Being a high school cheerleading coach, I am well in the loop with teenage life these days. And as Spring rapidly approaches, they are totally focused on one thing, and no, surpisingly it's not summer vacation. I'll give you a hint: dresses, tuxedos, limos and corsages. Yes, it's that time of year when they begin to prepare for the "most epic night ever", prom.

That being said, if you're a reader that happens to be in high school or maybe you're a parent of a high schooler, this post may interest you. I stumbled upon an article predicting the Top Ten Prom Trends of 2015. Prom is of interest to me because I love seeing my cheerleaders get dolled up and hearing about how much fun they had. It brings back memories of the proms I went to. I also love seeing how much prom styles have changed from dresses to hair-dos since I was in high school.

So here are the Top Ten Prom Trends!

1. Digital Proposals
Text messaging is a popular way of asking a date to the prom, but some are taking it a step further with iPhone’s “Ask 2 Dance” app. The app claims to nab prospective prom dates with “an impressive and unusual offer they can’t refuse”.

2. Short Dresses
Many teen girls are doing away with floor-length frocks in favor of higher hemlines, which they find flirty, modern, and more versatile. I think this is also a fun look to break away from typical prom tradition.

3. Faux Lashes
With long, super dramatic lashes trending big time in the beauty industry, applying falsies has become a standard part of the prom makeup routine, making them feel a bit more like celebrities!

4. Low Maintenance Hair
Say "so long" to ornate up-dos and heavy hairspray. When it comes to hair, it’s all about that effortless, natural look. We’re seeing lots of loose, finger combed waves and low tousled buns with semi-fastened strands and stray wisps.

5. Light Shows
Gone are the days of disco balls. The most popular DJs accompany the music with elaborate, choreographed laser lighting displays. Multi-colored beams shoot out across the crowd in all different directions, patterns and beats.

6. Nude Nail Polish
Bright, bold shades are taking a break and the emphasis is on soft neutral tones like creams, beiges, and light grays. Toned down, minimalist nails put more emphasis on the dress and will be less obvious if they chip!

7. Deep Side Parts
The heavy side part is the perfect way to achieve instant glamour. Edgy but elegant, this hot hair trend was practically made for prom-goers.

8. Full Brows
Skinny, over-plucked brows will no longer do. Bold-browed starlets like Cara Delevingne and Camilla Belle have put this strong, classic look back in the spotlight. Ladies with naturally fine or light threads simply fill them in with a brow pencil in a matching shade to make them appear darker and thicker. Be the one to standout with this supermodel look!

9. Alternative Boutonnieres
Let’s not forget the guys - they’re shaking things up, too! Many are swapping the standard roses, baby’s breath and seed pearls for decidedly sharper alternatives. Boutonnieres made of feathers are especially popular, as are herbs, succulents, and patterned fabrics.

10. Long Sleeves
Hot celebs like Beyoncé, Kate Hudson, Taylor Swift and Nicole Richie turned up to this season’s biggest events with covered arms - and the world took notice. Form fitting, long sleeved mini-dresses are all the rage right now, proving that less skin really is more.

These top ten trends will surely devour the prom details in 2015. I can't wait to see the looks my girls pull of this year!

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