Monday, February 2, 2015

FUN Enterprises Inc.

Cue the Duck Boats, Patriots win the Super Bowl! I celebrated by working an event for Mix 104.1 at Kowloon in Saugus. The Mix Morning Show hosted a Super Bowl Party where listeners won the chance to watch the big game with the on-air crew and eat as much Chinese food as possible. There was also a contest, a photobooth where attendees could take amazingly funny pictures that were later posted on the Mix website, and an awesome airbrush artist who customized pennants however you wanted. And that's who we will be shining the spotlight on today!

FUN Enterprises Inc. is a full service events company. They provide unique entertainment programs of the highest quality to corporate, educational and private clients nationwide. They own and operate all of their programs which include everything from hands-on programs to live-performers, artists to photographers, and everything in between. Mix used FUN Enterprises Inc. at the Super Bowl Party and had the pleasure of working with their airbrush artist, Justin Swimm.

Justin is an experienced airbrusher. He has been doing art like this for thirteen years. It was truly impressive and amazing to watch him create a different design pennant after pennant. Attendees and Kowloon's staff huddled around him all night, watching in awe. Justin was super easy to talk to and attendees felt comfortable sharing their ideas with him. It was a great feature to incorporate into Mix's party! Here's a little more about the airbrushing..

FUN Enterprises’ airbrush artists will create a true keepsake for you with our unique products. Our trained artists can personalize a wide variety of products with a design, your name or your caricature. We can personalize the item with your name as well as your favorite color. What an exciting piece of art to show your family and friends. Along with our products, we offer airbrush tattoos. With a vast selection of tattoo designs, our artists can make your look like you have “the real thing”. These activities allow your guests to take home “a gift to remember”.

One of our most requested products, Airbrushed Pennants. The Fun Airbrush artists will design pennant banner with your name and a choice of colors. Whether you like black and white or a rainbow of colors, each is personalized to reflect the individual at the event. These programs are great for college orientation and high school all night parties as well as private and corporate functions.

Personalized Airbrush Pennants, College Activities, FUN Enterprises
Airbrush Pennants, Bar Mitzvahs, FUN Enterprises

With so much to offer, FUN Enterprises Inc. really knows how to contribute to an event. If you need a unique way to devour the details, I highly recommend checking them out! And be sure to ask for Justin!

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  1. Thank you for the incredible review. This is what FUN Enterprises is all about...the memorable experience.