Monday, February 9, 2015

Party-for-One: A Packed Party

Packed Party is a web-based company founded in San Francisco, CA that allows you to send and receive themed party packages for one! Think of them as care packages, gifts, or even a party in a box. These perfectly packed navy packages are the ultimate thoughtful something to send to yourself or a friend for a birthday, break-up, pick-me-up, you name it! All of the Packed Party packages have 3-4 thoughtful and hand-picked 'somethings' centered around the theme or reason of the party.

Packages not only include carefully hand-picked items, but also a letter-pressed card stating what the party is, why it has been sent, and who it has been sent from. Their Packed Party packages have a variety of names including: 'Birthday Beb', 'Be Mine, K?', 'Miss You', 'Bitch Pity Party', 'Thanks (x Million)', 'The Bridesmaid', 'Yay, You!', 'You Don't Need Him Anyway', and 'You Pampered Thing, You'. It's meant to be a sweet surprise and their hopes are that these packages find you with a smile when you see them land on your doorsteps. And that's exactly what it did when I received one from my friend Patricia.

I received the 'Yay, You!' package. You can use the 'Yay, You!' package to congratulate someone on their promotion at work, engagement, or new house. Whatever the occasion, Packed Party believes there's always a reason to celebrate! My Packed Party included a rose gold "love" cuff, a good fortune candle for positive vibes, high-end rose gold earrings, champagne flavored candy to start the party off right, and of course the signature letter-pressed card that is even signed with Tricia's name (in her own handwriting) to make it that much more personal! I am so in love with each item and grateful for how thoughtful Tricia is. It truly brightened my day!

So if you ever need an extra bit of happiness or want to surprise someone special in your life, check out Packed Party and devour the details of a party-for-one today! And thank you Tricia! xoxo

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