Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Pitch Perfect Proposal

This story was too amazing not to share. Fair warning, it's a true tear-jerker.

Melissa Dohme arrived at the Tampa Bay Rays game on Monday night expecting to throw out the first pitch. Just as Dohme was getting ready to wind up, her boyfriend, Cameron Hill, ran on to the field with a baseball. It had four words written on it: “Will you marry me?”. Are your eyes watering yet? Because it only gets sweeter.

Dohme is a representative for Hands Across the Bay, a nonprofit benefitting Tampa Bay families. She joined after recovering from a brutal domestic attack by her ex-boyfriend. If you're wondering how Hill came into the picture, well, here comes the water works. Hill and Dohme first encountered each other in early 2012, when Hill was one of the firefighter-paramedics to rescue Dohme in Clearwater after she had been stabbed 32 times, an attack that almost ended her life. After recovering and speaking at a church in fall 2012, Hill and another first responder visited Dohme, and the pair were seeing each other by the end of that year and have been together ever since.


Dohme’s ex-boyfriend Robert Lee Burton Jr. has since pleaded guilty to attempted murder and has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. Dohme made an incredible recovery in spite of nerve damage, and went on to travel Europe and earn her nursing degree. Dohme says that she is no longer resentful of the 2012 attack, “because I met Cameron out of it.”

And of course she said yes, and the two Florida natives embraced an are officially happily engaged. It was quite a journey to get to Tropicana field and it was truly was a devour the details-worthy pitch perfect proposal!

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