Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wedding Wednesdays: Rebloom

Ever wonder if there was something else you could do with all of the flowers from your wedding? Don't you think it's such a waste that you spend all that money on them and then they're just tossed away? Well, this Boston-based company that repurposes event flowers is here to help! Rebloom saves expensive flower arrangements from being doomed to the trashcan, and resells them for 70 to 90 percent off their original price. And you'll be happy to hear that a portion of the proceeds is also donated to charity.
Rebloom operates in Boston and New York. Founder and Harvard Business School graduate Jennifer Soffen is proud to offer this alternative that gives flowers a little more life by reducing, reusing, and recycling their arrangements. Donors contact Rebloom by filling out a form on the company’s website before their event. A company representative will then contact them to find out more about the types of flowers available and what time the event finishes.

So incase you haven't caught on yet, you can reach out to Rebloom and they'll swing by the aftermath of you wedding to take your flower arrangements and repurpose and resell them for a great cause! Not only do they salvage wedding floral arrangements, they also recycle from charity galas and directly from florists. Rebloom lets donors choose any charity they’d like when selecting where the proceeds go. So far, there isn’t a clear winner for the most-often used charity.

Many of their customers are repeat buyers, ranging from wealthy Back Bay residents to law firms and investment banks. Flower buyers can get alerts about available arrangements through the company’s new app, in addition to subscribing to their email list. Rebloom app users will not only receive push notifications alerting them that flowers are available, they’ll also have the chance to rate delivery drivers. At offices where people work long hours, it’s nice to have flower arrangements around and instead of buying them for $300 or $400, they can get them for $60 while helping a charity!

We love the idea of repurposing florals for a good cause! Check out Rebloom for more information and devour the details of your next event's arrangements!

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